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Distinctively Luxurious Cafe

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Park View Apartments is a world within a world with your own private coffee bar with distinct ambience. Tired of meetings all day every day at work, walk right down and use the contemporary innovative coffee shop that offers wide range of comforting beverages as well as a perfect place to brainstorm.

Reboost Your Self

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Known for its stunning display of Black and gold perfectly brewed together, and wide range of tea and beverages selection the coffee shop offers a unique experience of utter class and comfort.

Be on top of the world

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Be on top of the world with rooftop leisure activities that include a BBQ spot and a mini golf area to enjoy a fun day out with family and friends.

Revamp Your Energy

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Bringing you the best of elite living and luxurious living spaces, a modern, modular 7 and a half into 9 feet kitchen where cooking isn’t a chore to a fabulous 19 into 12 feet and a half dining area for the family to an ultra-comfortable lounge for leisure activities, you have it all.

Your Private Heaven

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Live your life to the fullest in your spacious 21 into 13 feet living room. Its modern, classy as well as cozy and sophisticated. Each sight represents a new emotion, nothing is left as constant. Park View apartments where the word boredom does not exist.

Pamper Yourself

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We have made use of the most superior fixtures and finishes to provide a haunt for the residents where they can replenish the energy of their mind and soul after a hectic day. These bathrooms also feature integrated design and functionality approaches with efficient storage solutions.