Fully Equipped Kitchen

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Bringing you the best of elite living and luxurious living spaces, a modern, modular 7 and a half into 9 feet fully equipped kitchen where cooking isn’t a chore to a fabulous 19 into 12 feet and a half dining area for the family to an ultra-comfortable lounge for leisure activities, you have it all.

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Spacious Bathroom

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Unwind yourself after a chaotic or a long day at work using our modern and impressive amenities and fixtures, of which some include; fitted wardrobes, cabinets and other functional and space saving storage solutions, mood lighting, shower rooms, rain showers, heated wall panels and much more.

We have made use of the most superior fixtures and finishes to provide a haunt for the residents where they can replenish the energy of their mind and soul after a hectic day. These bathrooms also feature integrated design and functionality approaches with efficient storage solutions.

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